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Protect and accelerate your business
Improve availability, security and speed of your Web applications with our service that includes
Protection against "denial-of-service" attacks
(DDoS Protection)
Compatibility with both
HTTP and HTTPS traffic
Latency reduction and substantial increase in
the application speed and performance
WEB application Firewall (WAF)
for traffic filtering
Pre-configured Access Control Lists (ACL)
specific to your application
Content delivery faster than
from web servers (Content Accelerator)
Our solution offers you the following advantages:

  • Guarantees that there is not transactions denial due to false positives
  • Contemplates SSL and content accelerators to mitigate transactions delay
  • Hardware is not required for implementation in your web environment
  • Provides an additional protection level against web attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in custom or third-party web applications
  • Can be contrated in conjunction with an Internet link hosting the pages on servers Cibersys
  • Connects the client's application server to the Cibersys solution
  • Improve speed and user experience of your web applications impacting on elements such as SEO
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Web Protection and Acceleration provides a key component package
that ensure and boost speed of your web applications.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF) — it is part of a cloud-hosted software platform that provides protection against specific attacks to web application servers, controlling the transactions handled by the servers of each WAF connected client

DDoS Protection: Our solution filters out non-legitimate traffic letting all legitimate packages pass through. A DDoS attack is capable of causing a web page fall, which can result in money loss or affect the image of a company that sells services or serves its customers online

Content Acceleration — it enables global users to access content under the same conditions, regardless of their world location, with a solution that travels over global access networks to distribute content efficiently and securely
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